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VOLTA – Automatic watch series with mechanical indication of the level of tension of the mainspring

The VOLTA is a complex mechanical watch that shows the time of day, the day of the week, the date and the 24 hours as well as the power of the mainspring and thus the percentage power reserve.

Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta, Count of Volta since 1810 (born February 18, 1745 in Como, died March 5, 1827 ibidem) was an Italian physicist. He is considered one of the founders of electricity and the inventor of the electric battery (voltaic pile). This is the basis of all in the 21st century preferred low-emission drives and energy storage devices and thus one of the most significant inventions of modernity.

In Volta’s honor the unit of measurement for the electrical voltage is internationally called Volts.

The scales and hands of the VOLTA timepiece represent the design of a classic voltmeter. The indication of the power of the mainspring imitates the function of a battery indicator. If the hand points towards the plus symbol and 100%, the mainspring is fully wound and the watch has the full power reserve. If the hand points towards the minus symbol and 0%, the mainspring is relaxed and the watch stops. So you can see at a glance if the watch needs energy that can be supplied by either manual winding or rotational energy of the rotor to avoid stagnation.

The 24 hour display has an equivalent design. In particular, it serves the distinction of day and night, also to correctly select the date switching point at midnight. Day and night are distinguished by symbols for light and darkness. Sunrise and sunset phases are shown as dimming up and down of an electrical light source.

The watch series is available in a Vintage and a Modern version. The Vintage version has an aged dial and antique hands. The Modern version has matte monochrome dials and simpler hands and symbols.

Slim bar hands in contrasting colours ensure a very good readability. The second hand is overly long and intentionally colored in low contrast to the dark dials, so as not to overload the entire image visually.

The movement is a 28,800 A/H high frequency movement (4 HZ) mounted on 26 rubies. Once the watch is fully wound it has a power reserve of < 40 hours without further kinetic energy supply. The watch has a diameter of 43 mm, is 12 mm thick and impresses with its distinctive appearence. The watch glass is made of sapphire. The glass back of the watch is screwed and allows to see the movement. In total there are 5 colour combinations. The cases made of 316L stainless steel are silver or yellow gold plated (double layered, IPG + real gold). The leather straps are made of roughened light brown smooth leather (vintage version) or black or blue matt cowhide with alligator embossing (modern version). Both variants are equipped with a KronSegler coat of arms button and a folding clasp with security double pusher. The watch is delivered in a dark green exclusive box with a certificate card, a 20-page booklet with a detailed description and a polishing cloth.

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€820, 00



Movement Type

automatic / manual wind

Case Size Diameter (mm)


Case Size Thickness (mm)


Dial Color


Case Material

stainless steel polished



Band Material


Band Color


Band Length


Band Width (mm)


Clasp Type


Calendar Type

day, date, 24 h

Bullet Point 1

mechanical watch with power reserve indicator, weekday, date, time of day

Bullet Point 2

Vintage & Modern Edition

Bullet Point 3

24 hours display with the times of day and sunrise/sunset

Bullet Point 4

28.800 A/H fast beat movement

Bullet Point 5

sapphire crystal

Water-resistant Depth

50 M

Warranty Type


Item Condition


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