What advantages do I have when I order from the Kronsegler Online Shop?

In our own online shop, you can get our watches at the lowest factory retail price without going through the middleman. We only ship new goods with warranty – no already worn returned goods, no plagiarism.

Our staff will personally take care of your order, check the watches one more time before shipping and pack them by hand.

With us you get competent advice and help instead of automatically generated text modules and answers from A.I.s or chatbots.

Can I also pick up my order at the Kronsegler Flag Ship Store in Dresden?

It is not possible to deliver orders via the Online Shop to our Flag Ship Store in Dresden. However, you can request the availability of a specific watch model via one of our contact options.

Come visit us! For more information about the current opening hours of the factory outlet, please click HERE.

Do I need to create a customer account to order?

No, creating a customer account is optional.

However, in a customer account you can easily save your billing and shipping address and get an overview of your orders.

Can I try on a watch?

Yes, because of course a fitting is often essential when buying a watch. You can try on the watch, just as you might in a local retail store.

Please be careful when handling the watch, including the strap and other accessories. Your wrist should be clean, dry and free of cosmetic residues.

It is best to place the watch only on a soft surface. Close the bracelet carefully. Avoid strong pulling or bending.

This fitting does not include a trial wear! This is regulated by law. Watches that we receive back with signs of use of any kind must be comprehensively checked again by our watchmakers and restored to their original perfect condition. We must charge the costs for this accordingly. Otherwise, the return of worn watches will be refused.

How do I find my desired watch model?

Via the search function or via the complete listing of all articles under the menu item “Shop” all watches are displayed. Some models are explicitly limited with an engraved number, but also all other watches are always limited available and will not be produced again when they are completely out of stock.

How do I find the right replacement band for my watch?

In the “Accessories” section you will find many replacement straps in different sizes and colors. Please measure the width of your band on your watch at the case and buckle. The widths vary in 2 mm steps (16, 18, 20, 22 mm). As an example, 22/20 mm means that the band is 22 mm wide at the case and 20 mm wide at the buckle.

Please note: For a few watch models there are extra case-matched straps, which are not suitable for watches with a different case shape.

If you can’t find your desired watch band in the online store, please feel free to send us a request to with as much details as possible:

Watch model + case color
Embossing and color of the strap
Type and color of the clasp (buckle or folding clasp steel / yellow gold plated / rose gold plated)
Width of the strap stop (mm) and width of the clasp (mm)
Heraldic button present on the band?
Your name and address, or address of the recipient.


What payment options are there?

You can pay in advance (Prepayment 2 % Discount), via Paypal, Paypal Rate Pay, Giropay or Nachnahme/cash on delivery (+ fee, only available in Germany.

I have a voucher code for the online shop. How do I use it?

In the shopping cart you will find a field in which you can enter your voucher code. Then click on “Apply coupon”.


Can I specify a different delivery address?

Yes. To do so, simply check the “DELIVER TO ANOTHER ADDRESS?” box on the right at checkout and enter the appropriate information.

In the case of PayPal payment, we must ship to the address you specified in the payment process in PayPal.

When will my order be shipped?

The start of the delivery period is to be understood as the period between the fully completed order and delivery, in the case of prepayment and PayPal payments as the period between receipt of payment and delivery.

The estimated delivery time (in business days) will be displayed at checkout once you have entered the recipient’s address. In some cases, you can also choose between free or standard shipping. Orders with standard shipping will be processed preferentially and accordingly shipped sooner.

My order has not arrived yet.

Have you decided to pay in advance (Prepayment)? In this case, your order can only be processed once payment has been received.

Your order has already been shipped and you have received a parcel tracking link by e-mail? Then click on this link or enter the shipment number on the website of the relevant parcel delivery company to see the current status of the shipment. We cannot influence the process and the duration of the delivery by the parcel service provider itself.


How do I adjust the butterfly clasp on my watch?

You can find a short instruction HERE.

When should I replace the leather strap of my watch?

The leather strap of your watch is a wearing part and, as a natural product, is particularly vulnerable to moisture, sweat, cosmetics, strong sunlight and abrasion. It therefore has only a limited shelf life, which varies from person to person, and should be replaced regularly, especially for hygienic reasons. Watch industry associations recommend that leather straps be replaced every 6 months; regardless of what type of leather or what make it is.

What should I keep in mind when handling my watch?

You will receive a description for your Kronsegler watch. Please read the care and use instructions carefully.

Your mechanical or automatic watch is suitable for everyday use. However, as a precaution, you should not wear it during physical work or sports, for example.

In general, please note:

1. Watches do not like shocks, impacts, blows or falls. Especially mechanical watches are small masterpieces made of many tiny individual parts, which have a sophisticated shock protection, but are still not indestructible.

2. Observe the notes on the water resistance of your model. Water resistance is not a permanent property and is influenced by various factors.

3. Protect your watch from magnetic fields (e.g. from electrical devices such as cell phones, computers, clock radios, loudspeakers, magnetic closures on bags, etc.). They surround us in everyday life, although we neither see nor feel them. Magnetism can affect the accuracy of a watch or even bring it to a complete standstill.

4. A mechanical watch should be put into operation regularly, at least for a short time, as the oils and abrasions thicken during long storage and prevent it from functioning properly. A start-up every 4 – 6 months is a sufficient interval for this. Permanent rotation in a watch winder provides the convenience of preserving the current time settings, but usually wears out the mechanics more than normal use. Thus, in the case of improperly excessive rotation, the wear that makes a cost-causing revision necessary can already occur after less than 2 years.


Who do I contact for a repair or service request?

Please ask for repair requests in advance by phone or e-mail. After preliminary clarification of your service request, please send us your watches with error description by sufficiently stamped parcel post to the service address below. Please send a copy of the purchase receipt and include all your address and contact information, preferably e-mail address. We ask for your understanding that a personal delivery of repairs is not possible. For cost estimates without subsequent chargeable repair or for troubleshooting in case of unjustified complaints, we charge a lump sum of EUR 25,- incl. VAT plus return shipping costs.

Kronsegler GmbH Service
Bautzner Str. 132
01099 Dresden

Phone +49 (0)351 810 63 992 (weekdays from 10 am)

How long does the repair process take?

There is no general answer to this question. In watchmaking, however, one generally attaches more importance to diligence than to the quick processing of orders. Depending on several factors such as the scope of the work, availability of spare parts, duration of shipping, etc., you can receive your watch back after just a few days or after several weeks.

Especially the revision of a mechanical movement is very complex. After an initial functional check, the movement is removed from the case and disassembled into all its individual parts. If necessary, worn parts have to be replaced. All components are cleaned and oiled before the movement is reassembled, regulated and tested for several days. Only when we are fully satisfied with the function, we send the watch back to you.

I have purchased a Kronsegler watch through another merchant or private seller. Can I have the authenticity of the watch confirmed?

For some time now, there have been counterfeits of our watches appearing and being sold on various platforms. More and more often we receive counterfeit models during service requests. If you would like to have your watch checked, please feel free to contact us. For a chargeable subsequent inspection, it is necessary to also have the inside of the watch examined by one of our watchmakers. Photos or mere descriptions are not sufficient.


Feel free to use one of our contact options below.


Phone: +49 (0)351 810 63 992 (weekdays from 10 am)

Please do not forget to provide us with your own contact details if necessary.