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20 years, over 50 watch lines with around 400 models


Creating the perfect watch is like searching for gold or digging for precious stones. You search through all the incoming impressions for the perfect inspiration and then find the flawless diamond in tonnes of raw material.

Anyone who has dedicated themselves to the study of time recognises that time is not just a medium that can be measured and displayed. Time can only be experienced and felt if we also tell the stories that take place in its course. We KronSegler watchmakers are not philosophers, but we would still like to take the opportunity to share some of these stories with the help of our themed watches. And every story and every watch should suit its wearer, show their individuality and reflect their attitude to life.

Every year, 4 – 6 watch series are created, mainly automatic watches, on themes from contemporary history, science, philosophy or religion.

We promise – one of these stories will be special for you.


For KronSegler watches, we only use raw movements from Swiss and Japanese manufacturers, on the basis of which we develop and manufacture all our themed watches. In 2009, we succeeded in developing our own modular calibre on the plates of a Swiss automatic movement.

KronSegler chronographs and watches are characterised by maximum precision and accuracy, which can only be achieved with quality movements.


Ordering from our manufacturer’s shop guarantees the authenticity and genuineness of the KronSegler watches purchased. Buying from an unauthorised retailer carries the risk of receiving used, counterfeit or damaged goods.

Image collage of wristshots of the automatic watch "Einstein Relativity" in steel-blue with brown suede strap.

We have already transformed many themes into watches and their functions. Simple things, like the small wisdom of Latin origin, or more complex, like mathematical or astronomical complications; nevertheless historical events or also the very own human fascination for noble metals and stones.

The variety of topics is almost inexhaustible and time does not stand still for us. With each new development, we aim to achieve the optimal balance between aesthetics and function in order to make each Kronsegler watch distinctive, valuable and yet affordable.

In 20 years, more than 50 watch lines with about 400 models have been created so far.

As a purely Saxon medium-sized company, we draw our innovative strength from the knowledge and skills of our employees, who all come from our home state of Saxony. Innovation and authenticity also come from German medium-sized businesses in watchmaking.

KronSegler goes its own way with its company philosophy. As a medium-sized company, we want our themed watches to remain affordable for everyone, despite the highest quality and variety. We do without costly self-promotion and expensive branches. Thus, a maximum of our resources flows into the product and establishes our competitive advantage.