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Creating the perfect watch is like looking for gold or digging for gems. One searches all incoming impressions for the perfect inspiration and then finally, between tons of raw material, one finds the flawless diamond.

Everyone who has devoted him- or herself to the study of time realizes that time is not just a medium that can be measured and displayed. Time only becomes noticeable and perceptible when we also reflect the stories that happen in its course. Well, KronSegler watchmakers are no philosophers, nevertheless we would like to take the opportunity to dedicate our watches to special stories. Every story and every watch should suit its owner, show his or her individuality and correspond to a certain attitude towards life.

Every year 4 – 6 watch series are created on themes from contemporary history, science, philosophy or religion.

YOU too will be particularly touched by one of these stories.


KronSegler watches are made from ébauches from Swiss and Japanese manufacturers on the basis of which we develop and manufacture all our theme watches. In 2009, we succeeded in developing our own module caliber based on a Swiss automatic movement.

KronSegler chronographs and watches are characterized by the highest accuracy and precision, which can only be achieved with high-quality movements. We explicitly do not use Chinese automatic movements, which are found in many lower-quality watches on the market.

So we can ensure a comprehensive service and the guarantee of a long usability of your watch.


The order in our shop guarantees the authenticity and genuineness of the purchased KronSegler watches. A purchase from an unauthorized dealer always carries the risk of receiving used, counterfeit or damaged goods.