Christopher Columbus (Spanish Cristóbal Colón, * c. 1451; † May 20, 1506) was a navigator in Castilian service who discovered America in 1492 when he reached an island in the Bahamas. Columbus is still considered the definitive European discoverer of America.

In the race with Portugal for the sea route to India as part of the India trade, Columbus wanted to open up the route in the west. On his voyages of discovery between 1492 and 1504, he headed primarily for the Greater Antilles, including Hispaniola (now Haiti and the Dominican Republic) on all four voyages, where he founded his first colonies. It was not until his fourth voyage that Columbus set foot on the American mainland in what is now Honduras.

On the high seas, timekeeping was of great, sometimes vital, importance for various reasons. Even before the invention of a ship’s chronometer suitable for the high seas (more than 250 years after the discovery of the “New World”), people helped themselves with hourglasses, which ran very inaccurately in rough seas and had to be turned over every half hour, but could still be used, for example, to regulate watchkeeping, to keep a sense of time in fog and bad weather lasting for days, or simply to measure the speed of the ship.

The KronSegler automatic watch series “Conquistador” is dedicated to Christopher Columbus and once again combines the measurement of time with the history of seafaring. However, the “Conquistador” functions entirely without sand and is powered by a modern movement with 21,600 A/h, which has a power reserve of approx. 42 hours, 84 times longer than an hourglass, and can also supply itself with energy thanks to its rotor that winds on both sides. The easy-to-read power reserve display blends unobtrusively into the overall look of the watch. The elegant hand date with week division is located separately at the 6 o’clock position.

The steel or two-layer gold-plated cases (IPG + real gold) have many optical features. The crown resembles a model of the globe marked with longitude and latitude. The band stops on the case have a curved inward folded shape, similar to the bow waves of a ship. The body is brushed lengthwise, while the bezel and the waves of the band stops shimmer polished. The white or tierra-brown dials bear large Arabic numerals that are clearly legible. The slim hour, minute and date hands shimmer cornflower blue, the power reserve hands are black and the second hands are black or gold depending on the model. The dial functions are labeled in Spanish. The gold-plated and very quiet rotor is adorned with a Côtes de Genève finish and winds the movement in both directions of rotation. The valuable watch is available in 5 model colors. The watch glass is a sapphire with the highest possible scratch resistance and 3-fold anti-reflective coating. The leather straps in blue, brown, gray-brown and black are padded and feature a KronSegler crest button and a folding clasp with a safety double pusher. The artificially aged texture of this suede leather emphasizes the antique look of the watch. Additionally, a steel version of the “Conquistador” is available with a finely woven Milanaise bracelet.

The “Conquistador” is delivered in an exclusive box with certificate, detailed booklet and polishing cloth


Additional information


EUR 750.- / $ 820.- / CHF 735.- / £ 645.-


KS743 Automatik


KS027.029 Automatik SEIKO Base, 21.600 A/h, 3 Hz, 38 – 42 h

Movement type



date, power reserve display


42.5 mm

Case thickness

13 mm

Case material

stainless steel 316L golden

Dial color




Band material


Band width

20 mm

Clasp type

Butterfly folding clasp

Water resistance




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